Finishing processes

Our know-how and our expertise in finishing processes have allowed us to become a quality reference for our customers.

To guarantee such a high level of finishing and ensure high-end services, we respect one fundamental principle: providing high-performance machines for our qualified personnel at the height of their profession.

Step 1: polishing

We use several types of polishing techniques depending on the mechanical process used in order to obtain finishes ranging from the classic brushed appearance to the mirror polish effect.

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Step 2: pickling and passivation

The chemical treatment of stainless steel which eliminates colored oxides thus preventing the onset of corrosion. This is followed by coating with a thin transparent film of chromium oxides.

Step 3: surface treatment

This process serves to modify surface aspect (for decorative purposes or to improve appearance), by creating a thin coating. In particular, we propose gilding, painting, anodizing, cataphoresis treatment, galvanizing and electro-galvanizing processes.