Mechanical welding

With more than 50 years of experience in metal working, we work in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

All our welding operations are carried by experts, each working on a work station dedicated to the specific types of welding techniques in use.

We manufacture welded assemblies and subassemblies using the following processes:

Multiple welding mode ratings: 60 QMOS
Qualifications of welders: QS 160

We ensure the global management of your products, integrating assembly, surface treatments and logistics. The ideal industrial partner for the production of aluminum, steel, stainless steel assemblies or sub-assemblies…


  • 3 robots including 1 REIS TIG / MIG (3m between weld points)
  • Solder studs (capacitor discharge, short and long running times)
  • 10 TIG stations & 2 MIG / MAG stations
  • 3 ARO spot welders (from 92 to 360 KVA)
  • 1 seam welding machine
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Welding standards

Our welding quality organization is certified by the ISO 3834 standard. Our surface and volumetric inspections are carried out internally by a COFREND 2 certified expert (non destructive tests). Certified: NF EN 15085 CL1: 2007 – railway application, welding of vehicles and components.