Railway equipment

We hold specific expertise in the railway sector, and our extensive skills and experience enable us to intervene in the construction of locomotives or the production of standardized rolling stock.

Interior design

Interior design

SERINOX produces a range of metal parts for the interior refurbishment of trains, working from your specifications or from your drafts.

All our products meet with technical safety standards and aesthetic constraints, as well as passenger needs: grab bars, ramps, waste disposal units and bins, shelves and various types of finishing.

Tribranch bars
Holding bars
Bi-tone / bi-material bars
Waste disposal units
Waste disposal unit
Recycling bins
Fire extinguisher covers
Staircase finishing
Refreshments area
Covers for cases/trunks
Fire extinguisher box

Sheet Metal Work

SERINOX produces complex technical parts for the equipment of wagons (tanks, antenna supports and other products).

Window-washing fluid tanks
Toilet cisterns
Drinking water tanks
Control boxes
Control boxes