About us

SERINOX, more than 50 years of metal experience

Since 1957, we have specialized in the processing of stainless steel, steel and aluminum from sheet products and tubular products. In 2006, SERINOX became a subsidiary of the FLP group.

Located in Thiers and with over 90 experienced employees, we have a wide range of professions: 2D & 3D laser technology, folding, stamping (mechanical and hydraulic presses from 40 to 630 tons), bending (up to Ø100 thicknesses), manual and robotic welding, polishing and mounting.

Established and recognized in the rail sector, we consolidate and diversify our business by extending our expertise to other buoyant sectors: urban planning and street furniture, building equipment, flash lasers and passenger transport.

Our specific approach (studies, needs analyses, tools) associated with our various customer support experiences (technical assistance or design) allows us to innovate continuously, to create new products and to diversify the SERINOX offer year after year.

An approved process that is a guarantee of our quality

Changes in usages create complexity and force manufacturers to adapt by developing a coordinated and integrated approach to know-how. Always on the move, we are committed to offering you the best solutions on the market.

Our vision

What you will find at SERINOX is unique: approved working methodologies to guarantee the quality of high-end products. Indeed, at SERINOX, every customer request is included in a process (from design to logistics) with the highest levels of requirements (certifications and standards).

Our values


Recognized for our expertise for more than 50 years. SERINOX has all the experience to successfully meet the challenges of industry. Capable of managing complex projects, we strive for operational excellence and ensure that leadtimes are respected and that the highest level of quality is maintained at all times.


At SERINOX we continue to refine our continuous improvement practices. We remain open to change and actively drive progress, whilst working with the best partners to lead a rich and multidisciplinary ecosystem.


Possessing undisputed technical know-how, SERINOX also cultivates a savoir-faire full of enthusiasm and determination. Thanks to our positive management, SERINOX transcends the talents of our employees, ensures the involvement of our teams and offers our customers services that are based on trust and commitment.

SERINOX in a few key figures

A staff of
A turnover of
Million euros
A working space of
12 000 m²
dedicated to the success of your projects